Mediteranean Council for Burns and Fire Disasters


Via C. Lazzaro

90127  Palermo



The objective of the Mediterranean Council for Burns and Fire Disasters (MBC) is to involve the surgical, scientific and intellectual forces of all the Mediterranean countries in an open exchange of opinion and action in order to analyse common themes, analogies and contrasts in the fields of prevention, treatment and functional recovery of burns and in fire disasters. The MBC strives to create a permanent dialogue on burns and fire disasters, a forum for the study and evaluation of the actual situations in the various individual countries, to promote permanent contacts and comparisons with regard to clinical, therapeutic, scientific, didactic and nursing problems, and to endeavour to eliminate any gaps that may exist. The MBC is considered not only as a "league" and "pact" or "alliance" willing to offer its experience, co-operation and medical expertise in any area of the Mediterranean. It is a "Council" of kindred professionals, and one of its main benefits is undoubtedly in bringing together the various peoples and surgeons of the Mediterranean, and promoting close ties of friendship between its members as well as specialists further afield.

Prof. Michele Masellis


General Secretary


Surgeon - Chief of Department of Plastic Surgery and Burn Unit - Azienda di rilievo nazionale e di alta specializzazione – A.R.N.A.S., Ospedale Civico e Benfratelli, G. di Cristina e M. Ascoli – PALERMO, ITALY. Secretary General of M.B.C. since 1983 (foundation year). Co-editor of quarterly review: “Annals for Burns and Fire Disaster” since 1983.

Founder and Secretary General of The International Association for Humanitarian Medicine. Applicant or scientific co-ordinator in several project co-financed by EC.



Arch. Gianluca Cimò

Project Manager