Lindstrand Balloons Ltd

Maesbury Road
SY10 8ZZ

Lindstrand Balloons Ltd (LBL) are aeronautical and industrial fabric engineers with roots going back to 1976.
The company employs 80 people in two factories in Oswestry, England and the company philosophy is to provide a turnkey solution for the client, all the way from the design through manufacture and site support and maintenance.
While the company started as a balloon and airship manufacturer today this represents a small part of the business. The majority is occupied by aeronautical fabric engineering such as manned and unmanned tethered aerostat, inflatable maintenance hangars for aircraft.
Industrial fabric engineering includes air inflated buildings, radar radomes underwater lifting bags and inflatable flood defences. And now of course tunnel plugs.
Some years ago LBL started work on an inflatable structure that could block a tunnel quickly without causing danger to occupants. This has now developed into the LBL tunnel plug which we believe is the safest and most cost effective way to quench a tunnel fire by denying it of oxygen, and preventing smoke from escaping.

Per Lindstrand - MSc (AeroEng)

Managing Director


Dr. Ian Stewart - BSc (AeroEng), PhD (AeroEng)

Technical Director