Mines Rescue Services Ltd

Leeming Lane South, Mansfield Woodhouse
NG19 9AQ Mansfield

Mines Rescue Service Ltd (MRSL) was incorporated in January 1996, receiving all properties, personnel, rights and liabilities of British Coal's Mines Rescue Service under a Restructuring Scheme enacted by the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry. Whilst formed primarily to provide a national emergency and training facility for the UK mining industry, MRSL has developed its inherent health and safety skills to become a leading provider of training, technical services and equipment to industry. MRSL is a separate entity to the UK mining companies and is funded by a combination of fees paid by mine owners, and income received from third party business. All of the Companyís offices and activities are accredited to BS EN ISO 9002.
MRSL owns, operates and administers the National Mines Rescue Scheme, approved by the ecretary of State for the Environment, in accordance with provisions of the Escape and Rescue from Mines Regulations 1995. The Company employs 102 personnel, of whom 94 are directly involved in the provision of health and safety services.
The Company operates a research and development programme, conducted with support from UK clients and the European Commission.

Dr Barrie Jones

Chief Operating Officer

He has over 30 years experience within the UK mining industry. He has held a number of senior operational management posts which have included responsibility for all of the British Coal Corporationís research and rescue functions prior to privatisation. His technical specialisms include safety management and emergency incident response strategies, which includes underground firefighting.


Stuart Bennett

Research Consultant

He has supervised some thirty major published research studies, including a number of studies financially supported by the European Commission and various national governments. These studies, principally in the health, safety and environmental fields include work on Emergency Response, Communications, Ventilation and Fire Safety.