Italian National Agency for New Technology



S.P. 101 Rome



ENEA, the Italian Agency for New technology, Energy and Environment, is a national research organisation whose main business is the development of new technologies on the above said topics. Its two fundamental tasks are to conduct research in these areas and to diffuse the results nationally. The agency which has a staff of approximately 4000 employees, more than half of the scientists are present throughout Italy, operating 9 major research centres and a number of smaller facilities. The Structural division (SISTRU) whose staff is 16 scientists and 2 technicians, has the main role of development and validation of advanced finite elements (FE) numerical methods in the field of fluids mechanics and structures and is involved in several research projects regarding structural integrity of mechanical components working in high temperature, especially in studies for nuclear reactor safety and core structures under fire.

At present itís strongly involved in research about tunnel structural safety.

Dr. Franco Corsi


Senior Researcher


Responsible of the Structural Mechanic Division (SISTRU) in ENEA has more than 30 years experience in the field of thermo-mechanics methodologies and analysis of structural components with large competency especially in high temperature structural analysis. Involved as partner in E.U. projects, he has authored or co-authored more then 50 papers.