Foundation for Scientific and  Industrial Research at the Norwegian Institute of Technology


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SINTEF is a non-profit research foundation affiliated with The Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, and the Faculty of mathematics and natural sciences at The University of Oslo. The SINTEF Group performs contract research and development for industry and the public sector in technological areas and in the natural and social sciences. With 1850 employees and a turnover of NOK 1,4 billion (EUR 170 million), the SINTEF Group is Scandinavia's largest independent research organisation. Contracts for industry and the public sector account for 90 percent of operating revenues. The SINTEF Group has main offices in Trondheim (Headquarters) and Oslo.

The Department of Roads and Transport employs 40 people, and works closely with the academic staff at the university. The division has considerable experience and expertise within most aspects of traffic safety, transport telematics, traffic planning and road construction engineering.

Gunnar D. Jenssen MSc.

Research Engineer


Obtained his MSc. in Psychology 1986, The University of Trondheim (UNIT). Until 1989 he was Research Fellow at the Institute of Psychology (UNIT) with research on learning disabilities. Mr. Jenssen is presently a Project Manager at. Membership of Norwegian Association for Behavioural Scientists and Norwegian Road and Road-user Forum. Appointed member of the Scandinavian Road Technical Society committee 22 on road design and Virtual reality (NVF).



Lillian Fjerdingen


Obtained her Cand. Jur. Degree from the University of Oslo in 1982, where she specialised on traffic laws. She has worked as an Executive Officer in the Ministry of Transport and Communication. In 1990 she became Head of road safety department in the Public Roads Administration and in 1993 Head of motor vehicles and driving licence inspectorate of Akershus. In 1995 she became Head of motor vehicles, driving licence and public roads in the district of Asker and Bærum. During the year 1997 to 1998 she worked with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim. From 1999 she is a research scientist at SINTEF.

Dagfinn Moe


Studied Psychology, Sociology and Pedagogics at the University of Trondheim. Educated as an Driving Instructor in the Army and from the National Institute for Driving Instructors in Norway. Practised as an Driving Instructor for eight years. Member of the OECD Scientific Expert Group on "Qualification and Training Truck Drivers " 1992-95. Since 1983 worked as a scientist at Transport engineering SINTEF. safety countermeasures, Developing of Driving Skills, In depth- analysis of Accidents.

Jørgen Rødseth


Obtained his MSc. in Civil Engineering, Transportation from The Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTH) 1969, and graduated as Business Candidate from Norwegian School of Management BI, 1980. From 1969 Mr Rødseth worked as research scientist and lecturer at NTH, department of transportation engineering. From 1974 he was Planning Manager in Trondheim Transit Authority, and from 1979 worked as an Advisor to Chief Executive Officer of Trondheim Municipality. From 1980-90 he was acting manager and Director of Volvo Transportation Systems Norway. From 1990 - 96 Rødseth was manager of a self-owned Consultant Company within Transport and Logistics. Since 1997 he has worked as a research scientist and project manager in SINTEF Transport Engineering.