Association for the Research and Industrial Development of Natural Resources


Alenza, 1

28003  Madrid



AITEMIN is a Research Association of a private and non-profit nature, established in Spain in 1977. As an Association, it is constituted by more than fifty entities of different types, including industrial companies, national and regional administrations and other research institutions. AITEMIN is recognized as "Center for Innovation and Technology" (CIT) by the CICYT - Interministerial Commission for Science and Technology, and is a member of FEDIT -  Spanish Federation of Innovation and Technology Entities. With an origin linked to the mining industry, AITEMIN currently develops research activities in many other sectors, such as construction materials and industries, civil engineering, explosives, fireworks, energy, waste management and environment.

In the field of underground fires, AITEMIN has designed, constructed an operated two underground test facilities for real scale testing, respectively for fires (Mina Escuela Bierzo, León ) and explosions (Barredo, Asturias), in which a number of research projects are being carried out, mainly related to the validation of modelling codes, to test extinction system, and to accident investigation. Currently AITEMIN is providing technical support to the Asturias regional government for the construction of an experimental tunnel for conducting real scale ventilation and fire tests.

Dr. José L. Fuentes-Cantillana




Got his degree in Mining Engineering (Energy and fuels speciality) at the School of Mines - Polytechnic University of Madrid in 1978 and his PhD in 1992 at the same University. After 3 years of experience in underground coal mining he joined AITEMIN in 1982, where he has reached different positions and is General Director since April 2000. During his technical career he has managed a large number of research projects. He is a member of the Experts Committee in Infrastructure and Modern Management of the European Coal and Steel Community (EC, DG Transport and Energy), and has also participated as project evaluator in different calls of EC RTD.



José L. García-Siñeriz


Head of Engineering and Risks Department


He got his degree in Mining Engineering (Energy and Fuels speciality) in Polytechnic University of Madrid in 1987. Joined AITEMIN in 1988, where he has been responsible of many projects dealing with the development and implementation of instrumentation and control systems, with the design and construction of fire and explosion testing facilities, and with the computer simulation of ventilation, fires or explosions in mining and construction applications. He now heads the Engineering and Risks Department of AITEMIN.