APT Engineering


Viale Matteotti 20

27100  Pavia



APT Engineering was established at the end of 1999 to answer a clear requirement: to give to the APT Group a common strategic direction, to promote much more all the activities, to increase synergies and to find new industrial assets.

APT Group is not a formally established one but it is a joint-venture between companies which have the same main share-holder.

The common purpose is Safety and every company is complementary to the others, in this way they can cover all the activities connected to safety: from consultancy to maintenance, from construction to engineering, from training to industrial research.

Geom. Achille Torti




Born in Pavia on 11.05.1941, he is Saipem consultant in oil-well extinguishing in Kuwait after the Persian Gulf War and since 1981 Main partner and Director of Training Centre APT Antincendio of Pavia (Italy). He obtained following qualification titles: High school degree of building surveyor in 1960; Honoris Causa Degree “Safety and Fire-fighting” issued by the Universitas Studiorum Superiorum of New York “PRO DEO” Member of “Surveyors professional association” of Pavia (Italy) since 1961; Member of AIAS – Italian Safety Officers Association since 1976; Member of Safety Technician Association; Able to sign technical report in order to obtain “Fire-fighting prevention certificate” for civil building and industry.