Directorate-General of the Dutch Ministry of Transport

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3502 LA Utrecht

RWS, (RijksWaterStaat), is a Directorate-General of the Dutch Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water management. RWS is responsible for the protection against flooding, sufficient supply of clean water and construction and maintenance of motor- and waterways.
The Civil Engineering Division (Bouwdienst) is a subdivision of RWS; it deals with the implementation of governmental policies. The primary concern for the Civil Engineering Division is development, building, maintenance, advice and co-ordination. The products include bridges, locks, weirs, roads, tunnels and flood barriers. The advisory and co-ordination tasks consist of policy- and risk analysis, survey reports and recommendations for maintenance. The Civil Engineering Division provides employment for over 900 people and has an annual turnover of approximately 500 M Euro.

Ir. Evert W. Worm

Head Centre for Tunnel Safety

Graduated in civil engineering at Delft University and in business administration at Enschede University. He started his career in 1974 as a bridge-designer for a five year period, then turned to the Highway Division, where he was manager of highway design for a another period of five years. He then turned to the regional departments of Rijkswaterstaat, where he was involved in management until 1995. Then he went back to the Civil Engineering Division where he became a project manager of the Westerschelde Tunnel Project. From the beginning of the year 2001 he is head of the network for knowledge and advice on tunnel-safety within the Civil Engineering Division of Rijkswaterstaat.


Ben A. van den Horn

He is graduated in Mathematics and Applied Mechanics at the State University of Groningen. He started his career at the Netherlands Energy Research Foundation (ECN) in 1988 in the area structural mechanics and failure assessment. In 1996 he moved to the Civil Engineering Division of the Department for Public Works and Water Management where he has been working as a senior expert risk analysis with special attention on probabilistic maintenance management of engineering structures. In August 2003 he joined the Centre for Tunnel Safety. He has written several relevant publications on different scientific topics.