Norwegian Public Roads Administration

PO Box 8142 Dep
0033 Oslo

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA) is responsible for the planning, construction and maintenance of the public roads in Norway. Over 10000 people are employed in the organisation. Norway has a total of 90000 km of road, 22000 bridges and 600 km of tunnels. For this project, the technical department of Road Technology Department will participate for the Directorate of Public Roads.
The Norwegian Road Technology Department (NRRL) has a staff of over 90 people, mostly trained technicians and engineers, and is organised in the following sections: pavement design; soil mechanics; concrete; geology and tunnel, production technology; international. NRRL gives technical assistance to the 19 county offices in all of the above fields. Likewise, it is heavily involved in research in areas related to these fields. The division taking part in the project is the Geology & Tunnel Division.

Mr. Harald Buvik

Project Manager