Building Research Establishment


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BRE is the UK’s leading centre of expertise on building and construction and the prevention and control of fire. This expertise is available to all in the construction and associated industries, from multi-national companies and government departments to individual designers, builders and building owners and users. BRE provides independent and authoritative advice relevant to every stage of the life cycle of a structure from design, through construction and use, to demolition and recycling.  BRE has considerable experience of activities at the European level. It has participated in over 140 collaborative European projects of which it has co-ordinated over 25. BRE also assists the European Commission in the management of the process through the provision of Technical Secretariats. BRE is a founder member of the European Network of Building Research Institutes (ENBRI) and through this membership participates in the activities of the European Council for Construction Research, Development and Innovation (ECCREDI). BRE is also a member of the European grouping of fire testing laboratories EGOLF.

Suresh Kumar BSc MSc PhD CEng CPhys FInstP


Principal Engineer and Head of Fire Modelling


He is a Principal Engineer in the Environmental and Fire Modelling Centre. He joined FRS in 1980 and has pioneered the development of the CFD-based fire modelling tools JASMINE and TUNFIRE. These have been widely used for developing fire safety engineering solutions for improved fire legislation and design. In the last 10 years he has led several major projects for the construction, transport, marine and offshore industries.



Stewart Miles BSc MSc CMath CPhys AFIMA MInstP


Senior Project Engineer in the Environmental and Fire Modelling Centre


Since joining FRS in 1991, he has been developing and applying CFD models for fire and smoke spread. He has worked with the BRE CFD model JASMINE and commercial codes such as PHOENICS and CFX. He has carried out research, development and technical consultancy projects. He has participated in two EC projects under the 4th Framework programme. His recent projects include: study of CFD modelling of “flashover” fires, investigation into the air entrainment mechanism for smoke “spill plumes” in atrium buildings, modelling of fires to investigate the benefit of different fire ventilation strategies in tunnels and modelling the Brussels airport extension smoke management system.


Jeremy Fraser-Mitchell