WP 2

Work Package Leader:

Dr. Kristen Opstad

WP 2 aims primarily at developing cost efficient mitigation measures in case of fire in a tunnel. The focus of the work package is therefore on existing and innovative mitigating systems. In support of this objective, it aims at improving the necessary evaluation tools and at providing innovative new tools where appropriate. Specifically envisaged tools are the mathematical models and the appropriate design scenarios that enable the prediction of hazard conditions. The appropriate design will be based on statistical data and laboratory-scale tests. By providing better knowledge about the fire and explosion hazards involved, design fire scenarios and acceptance criteria will be developed. Fire safety engineering provides the framework for this.

Technical tasks

Development of realistic design scenarios.

To provide design fires for the project and especially for loading mitigation systems in WP 2. Design fires will be used to measure the efficiency of all mitigation systems provided in WP2.


Define acceptance criteria.

Acceptance criteria for fire effluence in the tunnel will be suggested to provide a necessary level of safety to be achieved by mitigation technologies. They shall be used engineering recommendations to achieve optimised mitigation.


Evaluation of existing tunnels and current technology.

Establish knowledge about the performance of current technologies and to provide a reference to be used under development and verification for innovative technologies.


Develop new innovative technologies.

To improve and to verify the efficiency of innovative fire mitigation systems in tunnels both as single systems and in combinations with several systems. Focus shall be given to cost efficiency.


Engineering guidance and implementation.

Identify parameters affecting the effect of mitigation and to provide guidance on how to design a reliable mitigation system and to predict the resulting achievements.