WP 5

Work Package Leader:

Professor Gabriel Alexander Khoury

This task encapsulates the essence of the UPTUN project, namely, the evaluation and upgrading of the safety level of  existing tunnels - both at the component level and holistically - in an integrated fashion consistent with the safety levels established in this project as a whole. In that respect, this work-package brings together all the various strands from the other work-packages and will therefore inevitably require input from, and collaboration with, all the partners of this major project.

  Technical tasks Objectives

Identifying safety features to be evaluated.

To ensure that the safety features to be evaluated are clearly identified in a rational manner.


Setting criteria for evaluating safety levels and systems failure.

To ensure that the evaluation criteria are clearly defined in a rational manner taking into consideration the interaction between the different safety features.


Holistic evaluation and upgrading of existing tunnels safety.

To develop a procedure called “UPGRADE” for evaluating and upgrading the safety level of a tunnel as a whole and to present the output in terms of risk profiles for both people and the infrastructure. An assessment of fire risk profiles for a tunnel before and after upgrading will then allow the socio-economic impact to be evaluated in Task 5-5 at both the micro and macro levels.


Example: Upgrading of an existing tunnel.

To demonstrate the practical utility of the evaluating and upgrading procedure by applying it to an existing tunnel.

Financial, socio-economic, macroeconomic and environmental valuation of upgrading tunnels to improve fire safety.

To demonstrate the cost effectiveness of the UPTUN project and assess its wider socio-economic impact.